school threat

SUNNYSIDE, WA - On Monday night, the Sunnyside School District received a possible electronic threat of a school shooting at Sunnyside High School, Sunnyside Police say.

Police began investigating immediately and learned the threat was sent by a 15-year-old student of Sunnyside High School who claimed that it was sent to a friend as a joke and not meant to be shared or posted on social media.

The student was arrested on felony harassment charges and was booked into the Yakima County Juvenile Detention Center pending a court appearance, the Sunnyside Police Department says. The investigation is continuing.

Both the police department and the school district would like parents and students to know that they take these cases very seriously and work together to aggressively and thoroughly investigate these matters ensuring the safety of their students, staff and community.

Sunnyside Police say "This is clearly not a joking matter, and [we] encourage everyone to be alert to cyber threats or harassment and ask 'If you see something. Say something.' "

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