3 year old attacked by stray dog

YAKIMA, WA - Sadly, a three year old boy is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull this week.

Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies tell us the boy and his mother had rescued the dog not long before it bit the boy on the face.

According the Sheriff's Office it happened just before 7 Monday evening in the 2000 block of Slavin Road. The mother of the boy told deputies that she and her son were at Clear Lake when she found a young pit bull. The mother decided to take the dog home, and when they got home they played outside for a while.

It was when the mother went inside of the house and left the two playing that the dog attacked.

Deputies say the mother heard screaming and when she came outside, she found the dog biting the boy in the face. She was able to separate them and call 9-1-1

An eye witness told NBC Right Now it was a hard sight to see.

"It attacked the baby; it had the baby's head in its mouth. It's just... it's hard to see a baby hurt like that, it's hard," said Robert Mclemore.

We are told a neighbor shot the dog after the attack.

The boy was taken to Virginia Mason Memorial and since has been airlifted to Haborview Medical Center.

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