KENNEWICK, Wash - There were two female drivers at the 2006 Atomic Cup.  One of them is Kayleigh Perkins, an 18-year-old ballerina with a pink boat. 

"My friends like to call me a tough girl and I don't really know about That," Perkins said.

The Black Diamond, Washington native has been driving the S6 Baker Equipment boat for two years. 

Her parents got her into racing.   They've been going to Seafair for 25 years.

"You're a girl, you come in and a pink boat, and people are going to laugh and they think you're going to get in the way, but then you start beating them and they no longer think you are in the way, now they think you're competition," Perkins said.

So, she spends her weekends in a place called the "pits" surrounded by men, but for Perkins, it's all about balance.

"I was on my pointe shoes a couple days ago and now I'm racing a boat, I'm very well rounded to say the least." 

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