61 year old gets her GED

RICHLAND, Wash. -- 61-year-old retired woman has accomplished a major goal. Sarah Norwood is getting her GED at Columbia Basin College.

Norwood says you're never too old. She dropped out of high school at 17. She says, "I got pregnant at 16 1/2 and I was in my sophomore year, and I dropped out and had a baby,"

She eventually got her Medical Assistant Certificate and worked at a hospital. She says she told them she had a diploma, even though she didn't really. As for actually getting a diploma, Norwood says, "It was a hard struggle for me because not knowing the math that they have to do now, but I had a good tutor."

Her tutor was Beverly Martinson. She said, "She had a hunger, she had a goal, she had a focus."

Norwood also had some help from her husband, Milward Norwood.

"I just tried to move everything else out of her way, like cooking and doing the dishes and what not," explained Milward.

Sarah doesn't plan to go back to work; she just wanted to accomplish her goal. Now she wants to inspire teens to say in school.

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