slide danger

KENNEWICK, WA - A two-year-old little girl lost her toe after getting it stuck in a slide while playing in her own backyard. Now, her mom is sending a warning to parents after finding a similar crack in a slide at a community park.

Crystal Christenson says after finding it, she quickly called the Parks and Recreation department, and they immediately came out to board it up.

"This crack was so much different than the crack at our house... this crack you could actually put your fingers in - ours you could not, and it still took my little girl's toe off."

Chrystal Christenson is talking about the red tunnel slide at Highlands Grange Park in Kennewick.

NBC Right Now walked around the playground Monday and learned from parents that the functional safety of the playground equipment is not something that typically comes to a parent's mind.

"I've never thought of that ever happening," said Destiny Zupet. 

She says the summer heat is something she's usually concerned with. 

"With the summer heat coming, my concern was more of like the kids getting hurt on the slides, the slides getting too hot, the kids maybe getting burned or something," said Zupet.

Destiny Zupet is right; summer heat precautions should be a priority, but Christenson says... add inspecting the equipment to that list.

"You don't think about these things until really it happens to you. With my daughter losing her toe in such a tragic accident that seemed so simple, I just want to spread the word and get it out there. Always check the slides, please!" said Christenson. 

The City of Kennewick says they conduct park inspections frequently, but things to get missed. The City asks that you report a hazard. They will come board it up and get it fixed as soon as possible.  

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