FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - 21-year-old Alberto Leandro Duarte is being charged with 2 counts of third-degree rape after court documents reveal he raped a 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl in 2018.

Details in this story may be disturbing for some. Reader discretion is advised.

Court documents say that on May 14, 2018, a Pasco Police officer took a report from the 16-year-old girl, who said she was raped after her and her friend, the 17-year-old, met Duarte and one of his friends. The four went to a Pasco apartment where they drank beer and smoked marijuana. 

Duarte had agreed to take the two girls back to the library where he first picked them up, and the girls both passed out in the car during the trip, according to court documents.

Court documents say the 17-year-old remembered waking up to Duarte climbing into the back seat and pulling down her pants, where she told him no and tried to push him off. Duarte then raped her, and stopped when the 16-year-old woke up. Duarte then took the 16-year-old to another car and raped her after she explicitly told him no. Afterwards, they went back to the other car and Duarte dropped the girls off at the McDonald's on Canal and Kellogg in Kennewick. 

21-year-old Duarte (DOB: 01/18/1998) is being charged with 2 counts of third-degree rape. 

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