ELLENSBURG, WA- Bailey Thompson is a 12-year-old baker, who is braving the cold at her hot cocoa stand to raise money to buy baking supplies during Black Friday.

Johnson says "we have chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate frosting and then we have hot chocolate.

Samantha Johnson, Bailey's mother says Bailey has always been interested in what happens in the kitchen.

"She started watching cooking shows with me that was our favorite thing to do together and we still do that every night we watch a show together and she just developed a love for baking throughout the years, it's her favorite thing to do," said Johnson. 

Bailey says no one taught her how to bake but credits all her skills to watching cooking videos.

"I just watch a lot of cooking videos and go on people's Instagram and look at that and YouTube," said Bailey Johnson. 

Her grandmother Julie Mackenzie says with or without a recipe... Bailey can make something out of nothing.

Mackenzie says Bailey once asked her "do you have apples? And I said yes. Do you have have brown sugar? And I said yes. Do you have butter and I said yes... And she goes I'll make an Apple Crisp, and she made the best apple crisp! No recipe she just started chopping those apple and made that dessert."

Bailey says when she grows up she wants to have her own bakery. 

For now she hopes to raise $200 to buy a big turn table, cake smoothers and offset spatulas this Black Friday. 

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