YAKIMA, WA - Crime in Yakima has decreased in the past 5 years, but the biggest crime is aggravated assault. 

94% of aggravated assault in Yakima is due to domestic violence. 

Throughout 2019, there was a total of 82 aggravated assault calls in Yakima. Five of those were related to gangs and 77 were domestic violence related. 

This year there have been 561 less calls for domestic violence, but Yakima Police Department Chief Matthew Murray says this is a citywide issue.

"Northeast Yakima does have twice the rate as everybody else but if you take all the rest of the city it's almost identical. So that crime, which is seven times bigger than the gang issue, is happening all throughout this community," said Chief Murray. 

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, here are three apps that offer different resources. 

- Domestic Violence Information:

Provides information on protection orders and a unique feature is by clicking the home button a fake iPhone screen will appear.

- SafeNight

SafeNight makes it easy to find a shelter, and if shelters are full, donors can provide a hotel room for the night.

- Aspire News App

Aspire News App is not actually a news app but it is designed to look that way to make it easier to look for resources and receive notifications without alerting an abuser.

For local resources, the YWCA Yakima offers domestic violence survivors housing and resources to empower women. 

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