YAKIMA, WA- The Yakima County Sheriff's Office has a new armored vehicle.

In the case of a dangerous situation they can now use the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle known as "MRAP".

"We feel pretty safe... Especially since some of these are raided for mines, obviously were not going to run into that situation but we have ran into people with hunting riffles and things like that and these will protect our deputies and officers," said Lieutenant Aaron Wuitschick.

The MRAP is the second military vehicle YSO has received for free from a military surplus program.

Lt. Wuitschick says the older model called "The Bison" helps in search and rescue situations. 

"It can be used for rescuing people and there's a lot more room in this one. A medic can work on people back there as well as, then you can transport them," said Wuitschick.

The new MRAP and has features like automatic de-pressurized tires, inside and outside fire extinguishers, and protective fiberglass.

Wuitschick said "the benefits of getting this compared to a civilian type piece of armor it would've cost us almost a half million dollars for a civilian piece of armor. We got this for free minus the shipping."

The MRAP cost a couple thousand of dollars to ship.

Wuitschick says this vehicle can help people all over.

"We work together closely with a lot of smaller agencies and a lot of smaller agencies in the Yakima County can't afford to get or maintain these or to keep personnel up to date on training for those," said Wuitschick. 

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