YAKIMA, WA- High School students are learning more about Anatomy without ever seeing a cadaver. 

YV-Tech students are able to see a 3-D picture of the human body with the Anatomage cadaver simulator

YV-Tech Senior, Vanessa Morales said she was pretty excited to be able to use this new machine.

"I think it's really cool to have these images," said Morales. 

The cadaver simulator gives students access to see actual human bodies. 

"There's 4 different cadavers in this table, these are people who donated their bodies to science," said  Josh Holliday, Physical Therapy Technician Instructor at YV-Tech 

Holliday says this machine helps keep students more engaged and use technology they are used to. 

"It provides a different way of learning. Some can understand from a book really well see things in a picture... Others they need to be able to move it around take things away, zoom in and zoom out," said Holliday. 

The Anatomage simulator also has quiz mode for students.

Morales says this has helped her remember and learn different bones.

"You can highlight any structure you want and the color helps you remember even more," said Morales

YV-Tech is one of two high schools in the state with this technology and people are excited to have it.

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