YAKIMA, Wa -  Many students who attend Yakima Valley Community College are minorities or from low income backgrounds.  That's why YVCC was chosen for a $50,000 grant from College Spark Washington and the Lumina Foundation for Education.

One student says balancing school with work and motherhood is a constant challenge.

Dawna Morgan is a single mother and a full time student at Yakima Valley Community College.

"It's just a 24 hour a day, seven day a week job," she says.

Dawna wants to study ultra sound technology.  She's taking pre-requisite courses at YVCC.  Between school, motherhood and work, it can be a challenge.  She has an idea that could help others in her situation.

"Daycare... a lot of single moms come to this school.  I know a lot and just help with daycare would be tremendous," she says.

College Spark Washington and the Lumina Foundation for Education work with community colleges like YVCC to figure out ways to make life easier for students like Dawna Morgan.

YVCC's President says they will spend this year looking over school data to come up with the best plan.

"Not only will our internal staff, our faculty and students be looking at the data, but we're going to be bringing individual groups from the community to also look at data and come up with strategies that we think will help our students succeed better," says Linda Kaminski, President of YVCC. 

The grant money may come to late for Dawna.  She's in her fifth quarter right now, but that isn't stopping her.

"When you have kids and goals.  The only way to make it through is determination."

Despite Dawna's struggles to pay for her schooling and to balance her time with motherhood, she's proud to say that she's made either the dean's or president's list in every quarter she has attended YVCC.

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