RICHLAND, WA - The Olympics are the biggest stage any athlete can compete on. So, it's only fitting that the United States sends their best, soRichland's Lisa Bratton is trying to make sure that their best, includes her. 

It's a huge honor to just be able to be at this meet and compete with the best and hang in there with them.’ said Lisa in an interview with KNDU, It's just a ton of fun, this is what we've trained for, this what we've been working for, now for like two years. It's just really exciting to be able to get out there, do what we love and just race. 

Lisa holds just about swimming record there is to hold at Richland high. Freestyle, breaststroke, medley, relay it almost didn't matter. But her best weapon was her backstroke, one that she's hoping to bring to bear in Omaha for the Olympic trials. 

The American backstroke right now is just incredibly deep.’ said Bratton,There's a lot of great competition and so it just kind of reminds me that yeah, I'm one of them. I do belong in that race and I'm as much capable to win as the two girls next to me. 

That confidence in her own ability helped Lisa reach the final in the 100-meter backstroke, and while the end result of that race didn't go her way, she remains optimistic about her chances in the 200-meter 

100 back is not my top event, I'm more of a 200 swimmer and so, being able to make it back to the eight final is something I wanted to do, it's something I thought I could do but I knew it was going to take some good swims to be able to accomplish. So being able to go ahead and get that eight final experience ahead of the 200 was really great for me to learn the ropes and see how it's all going to work next time around and kind of get some experience under my belt. 

Lisa finished eighth in the finals of the 100-meter backstroke, but she still remains one of the best in the country and competes in the semifinals tomorrow.