SPOKANE, Wash. It was a day of flashbacks for Spokane County Deputy and Freeman High School Resource Officer Ron Nye.

Nye has spent 11 years at Freeman as a resource officer and was in the middle school on September 13th, 2017, when the active shooter alarm went off. When he arrived, he found the shooter on the ground with custodian Joe Bowen on top of him.

On Friday, July 19, the visibly emotional deputy relived those awful moments.

"Can you describe the impact on you?" Prosecutor Larry Haskell asked Deputy Nye.

"It made me wonder if I wanted to do this job anymore," he replied.

"Why did you have that concern?" Haskell asked.

"Because of... Because of how it affected my family," Deputy Nye said.

Friday, was also the first time the major crimes detectives who interviewed the then 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe in the back of a patrol car minutes after the shooting, spoke about the incident. Detective Scott Bonney said during the interview the accused shooter said he'd been planning it for some time.

Detective Bonney Sharpe told him he'd been planning for "probably two years." Detective Bonney said Sharpe also said he watched documentaries on school shootings, specifically Sandy Hook and Columbine.

Perhaps most chilling was Sharpe's answer when Bonney asked about his emotions after the shooting:

"I asked, do you feel remorse? He replied, 'no,'" Detective Bonney said. 

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