Coronavirus graphic

The Washington State Department of Health has announced that it will begin doing in-state testing for COVID-19 as the virus is expected to begin spreading in the state.

The announcement came on Thursday, Feb. 27 and the Department said the test subjects will include people who recently traveled overseas who've developed a fever or cough. The tests will take approximately 8 hours to produce a result.

The Department will begin the in-state testing on Friday morning.

According to the Department, every state was offered the opportunity to do in-state testing, but Washington may be the first to actually start.

If the virus does spread, the Department will begin closing schools, canceling public events and encouraging employees to work from home. They also added that parents should begin thinking about what they will do if their child's school closes.

However, the Department is not recommending schools do anything different than a normal day at this time. Most schools have already taken preventative measures against infection diseases, which work naturally for the coronavirus. These measures include washing hands often and cleaning surfaces with alcohol wipes.

The Department also said that without evidence of coronavirus in the community, there is no need for residents to go out and by a mask.

An interactive map detailing the number and location of coronavirus cases worldwide is available for viewing HERE.