Stevens Co. Cougar

STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. - The Stevens County Sheriff's Office says a cougar was killed after a Colville resident reported it had been chasing their dog and was remaining on their porch.

The Sheriff's Office received a complaint Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. from a resident in the 900 block of Artman Gibson Rd. The woman said the cougar was chasing her dog around the backyard, then had been on their porch.

Deputies responded and observed the cougar still on the deck. It then jumped off and ran around the side of the house, where deputies followed and observed it still within the yard area.

"Deputies dispatched the cat for obvious safety reasons," the SCSO said in a post.

The cougar had been wearing what is believed to be a WDFW collar. A Stevens County Wildlife Specialist responded and took custody of the cougar before it's turned over to WDFW.

The Sheriff's Office says cougar/human/livestock/pet encounters have been on the rise, and reminds everyone to be vigilant around rural homes.

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