On Monday, Loren Culp blasted Governor Jay Inslee on a Facebook Live about the COVID-19 restrictions that were announced over the weekend. 

"Jay Inslee thinks we're a bunch of sheep," Culp said. 

Culp said Governor Inslee's restrictions are taking people's rights, away such as church services not being allowed to have choirs sing. 

According to the proclamation from the Governor's Office, religious services will be capped at either 25% indoor occupancy or 200 people, whichever is fewer.

In the video, Culp said he recommends businesses to stay open despite the new COVID-19 restrictions. 

"If a business requires masks, don't fight with the business owner, don't argue with them," Culp said. "They are trying to not get fined." 

In a previous interview with KHQ, Culp said he would not require Washingtonians to wear masks but let it be their choice.

In the same video, Culp said his campaign are continuing to investigate the election and has not conceded.