Gov. Inslee updates criteria for counties to stay in Phase 3

OLYMPIA, WA - Governor Jay Inslee made changes to the requirements for counties to stay in Phase 3.

Inslee's update states that to move down a phase, a county must fail both requirements. Before, only one needed to be failed. 

Several Washington Counties are at-risk of moving backward in the state's reopening plan due to an increase in covid-19 cases. Kittitas, Franklin and Yakima counties are included in that list.

COVID-19 cases in Franklin and Yakima Counties are hovering around 200 cases per 100 thousand people. Larger counties need to have less than 200 cases per 100-thousand to stay in phase three.

“Given the incredible progress on vaccinations and our focus protecting people from severe illness, we believe analyzing and requiring both metrics together is the right approach to make sure we’re considering the connection between COVID cases and our medical system and hospitalizations,” Inslee said.