OLYMPA, WA- Governor Jay Inslee signed senate bill 5228 into law last week, which aims to tackle structural racism in health care.

This bill is focused on the two public medical schools in Washington state.

It would have the schools develop curriculum teaching health equity.

There are still three other bills that want to tackle racism in the educational system stuck in committee.

They are senate bills, 5044, 5194, 5227.

Bill 5044 aims to stop institutional racism in the public school system.

If signed by Inslee it would add equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism to existing standards and training for public school workers.

Next up, is bill 5194, which would require community colleges in the state of Washington to have a DEI work plan and resources, which stands for diversity equity and inclusion.

In bill 5227 each public IHE campus, which mean institute of higher education, must have a development program for faculty and staff with the purpose of eliminating structural racism against all races and promoting DEI.

These three bills are being opposed by a group called the Washington Policy Center who sent an open letter to the governor.

They are calling on Inslee to veto the bills which they say rely on the ideology Critical Race Theory.

Liv Finne, Director Center for Education, Washington Policy Center explained why they feel it should be vetoed.

"Critical Race Theory teaches people that their individuality is not based on their intrinsic worth as human persons but as members of a group base on their outward appearance. The bills will make matters worse because they are perpetuating falsehoods and it will teach us to look at each other based on the color of our skin," explained Finne.

The theory addresses social justice and racial oppression in American society.

People against the bills, say Critical Race Theory is at the heart of these bills and is disguised as anti racist rhetoric when really they believe it perpetuates racism.

Those on the other side say the bills actually have nothing to do with Critical Race Theory at all, but really education.

Washington Senator Mona Das, described to us the meaning behind the bills.

"I don't think these bills are about Critical Race Theory, I mean these bills are about ensuring that diverse communities have access to education and that their teachers administrators school board members understand and have DEI training," said Das.