The fall season is in full swing and so is the competitive growing season.

In Enumclaw, WA, one grower unveiled his giant pumpkin this month.

It weighs exactly 1,679 pounds and recently winning the annual Elysian Brewery giant pumpkin weigh off.

Grower Joel Holland says he's been competing with giant pumpkins for decades and still gets surprised on how quickly his pumpkins develop.

"Well even after 40 years it's still amazing how fast they grow, you know, this pumpkin is probably less than a 100 days old from when it was a blossom," Holland said. "So during their peak growth they have to grow 30 to 35 pounds a day."

Holland's pumpkin is relatively small in comparison to other giants. The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, which regulates the world of competitive growing, 

has registered pumpkins weighing more than 6500 pounds.

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