SPOKANE, Wash. - A Yakima girl who is blind successfully shot a large whitetail buck during a hunt in Spokane, and the whole experience was all made possible thanks to donations from hunters and businesses around the region.

Williams Guide Service, which donates a hunt every year, selected 16-year-old Megan Weiler for the hunt. Dale Williams met with Megan and her father in Spokane for the hunt this past week.

Megan, a senior in high school, is blind in both eyes as a result of cancer treatment when she was young.

Ben Holten of North Flight Hunting joined Megan, her father, Dale and Dale's cousin Dave to go chasing whitetail deer in Spokane, with Holten documenting the experience in a video.

"We knew this hunt was a challenge but with her awesome dad they have it down to where he anchors the scope and she pulls the trigger. And she did just that last night!" Williams Guide Service said in a post.

With the help of her father, Megan ends up successfully shooting what they describe as a monster whitetail buck on Wednesday, Oct. 16. The video shows an excited Megan first encounter the buck she hunted before posing for pictures with it and her father.

"It was such a thrill to be a part of such a cool hunt and to see someone who has a physical handicap be able to experience what many of us are able to experience," Holten wrote.

The donations didn't stop there. The crew presented Megan with a donated 243 Thompson rifle with a scope, while Blues Taxidermy said they will provide the mounting services free of charge.

"Special thanks to Hike and Seek, Blues Taxidermy, Dale Williams Guide Service and Stew who is a gunsmith out of Deer Park for making this such a great day for Megan," Holten wrote.

"So many people made this happen, it's nice to see so many people stepping up," Williams wrote. "Special thanks to my cuz David Wiiliams from Hike and Seek outdoors wouldn't have happened without him! Congrats Megan!"

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