Francisco Lindor

Another MLB star is taking a stand, calling for nets to be extended after another foul ball injury at a ballpark Sunday.

It was a scary moment in the sixth inning of the Kansas City Royals-Cleveland Indians game, when a foul ball from shortstop Francisco Lindor went past the netting and into the crowd.

A three-year-old fan was struck by Lindor's foul ball on the first-base line.

Play was stopped for a moment as players collected themselves, and after the game Lindor spoke out in favor of expanded netting.

"I encourage every MLB team to put the nets all the way down," Lindor said. "I know the fans, it's all about fans experience of interacting with players but at the end of the day, we want to make sure everybody comes out of this game healthy and we gotta do something about it."

A renewed push to expand netting at Major League ballparks has come after similar injuries this year.

According to Lindor, the boy hit Sunday is at a local hospital and in stable condition.

Extending protective netting down foul lines is a ballpark-to-ballpark decision because of differing configurations.

A two-year-old girl suffered a skull fracture after being hit by a foul ball at a Chicago Cubs-Houston Astros game back in May.