Jonathan Andersen Wandermere shooting arrest

SPOKANE, Wash. - New court records shed light on the Wandermere shooting case, and the stolen purse that is believed to be the cause of shooting.

38-year-old Misty Hirsch was shot and killed on Wandermere Road in north Spokane County on July 7. Two days later, Spokane Police arrested Jonathan Andersen and charged him with her murder. Andersen remains in the Spokane County Jail on a more than $1 million bond.

Search warrant documents, filed this week, have new information about a supposedly stolen purse, which may be at the center of the case. According to a passenger who says she was in Andersen's vehicle at the time of the shooting, earlier in the day, Misty Hirsch approached Jonathan Andersen with a purse and apologized for taking it. Andersen later told detectives that the purse, a black Michael Kors purse, belonged to his fiancee.

Detectives interviewed his fiancee, who said that in the days leading up to the shooting, she had spent time with Hirsch. She says she passed out from drug use and Hirsch took her purse and left while she was unconscious. She says on the day Hirsch was shot, Andersen texted her a photograph of the purse, said he had it back, and then told her to delete the message. It’s still not clear why, if Andersen is responsible for the shooting, he would target Hirsch after the purse was returned.

Also found in the Ford Expedition that Andersen is believed to have been driving during the shooting, was a Beretta 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Detectives said they found a bullet in the Cadillac Escalade that Hirsch was driving and that they believe it to be a 9mm bullet.

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