Permission to test your well water must be sent to Yakima Training Center Friday

YAKIMA, Wash. - The Yakima Training Center is asking to test drinking water for P-FAS close to the center. It sent out letters to nearby houses asking permission to test their water. Permission must be granted to the training center by Friday, June 24. 

PFAS are used in aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), a critical firefighting agent used to quickly suppress petroleum fires at airports and military installations. AFFF has been used at YTC. PFAS are also found in many everyday products, such as food packaging, cookware, carpet protectants and waterproofing chemicals.

YTC sent out about 260 letters on May 16. As of today, about 140 have been returned to them. If you think you may be in the sampling area but did not get a letter for testing, you are urged to contact YTC.