Facebook down

Facebook users aren't liking or loving this. Most in fact are either mad, sad, saying wow or perhaps laughing at the situation.

Millions of Facebook and Instagram users from all over the globe have reported being unable to login or post on their Facebook feeds since Wednesday morning around 9 a.m.

Down Detector has been tracking thousands of reported problems pertaining to newsfeed, blackout and login issues.

#FacebookDown has been trending on Twitter since the issue arose, with thousands of users voicing their complaints. 

Anyone looking to post or scroll may have to resort to another social media site other than Facebook or Instagram.

According to RT, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that users are "currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps," but didn't provide an explanation for the global outage.

Facebook's developer page says they are investigating increased error rates on the site, saying: "We are currently experiencing issues that may cause some API requests to take longer or fail unexpectedly. We are investigating the issue and working on a resolution."

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