Yakima, WA - Several videos are circulating the popular app TikTok warning people to be cautious on April 24 after a video on the platform surfaced declaring it 'National Rape Day.'

The warning videos can be found under the hashtag April24. However, after searching for the original video allegedly promoting rape on this day and coming up dry, I reached out to TikTok to see if the video had been taken down. 

According to a TikTok representative, they don't have evidence the original video ever existed.

"The supposed 'National Rape Day' trend being reported upon is abhorrent and would be a direct violation of our Community Guidelines and while we haven't seen evidence of this trending on our platform, our safety team remains vigilant and would remove any such content."
While not everything we see on social media should be taken seriously, I reached out to the Yakima Police Department as a precaution to see what people can do to stay safe.
Sergeant Jacob Lancaster with the Sexual Assault Unit (SAU) said it you are scared to stay home, however if you want to go out, make sure you are with a trustworthy group of people. You should also be aware of your surroundings.
"Basically having a lot of self awareness, who is around, what kind of situation you're in and if you need to contact the police quickly make sure you have access to those needs," Lancaster said.
You can also monitor your social media so you know who is following you. Lancaster said lots of people have public pages so anyone can learn about their life and what they are doing. He added it's best to not have social media or keep your pages private.
If you feel the need to carry personal protection such as a firearm or taser, Lancaster said you should know how to use them, have the necessary permits and know you can face consequences for using them inappropriately.