Spokane aerial view

U.S. News & World Report is calling the Evergreen State the best in America in a new report.

"That Washington state boasts a booming economy is hardly a shock," Contributor Levi Pulkkinen writes. "The state is home to Amazon.com, after all, and a mature tech sector led by Microsoft. Washington apples, wheat, hops and grapes feed and inebriate the world. Boeing Co. aircraft circle it. But Washington has a supercharger: power."

The article says several elements factor in to Washington having the top ranking, such as electricity, economy, infrastructure, health care and education.

"Washington state is an example of how climate action and a strong economy go hand in hand," Inslee told U.S. News & World Report.

The article breaks down what Washington has going for itself in sections including: A Tech-Sector Powerhouse, Infrastructure and Opportunity Challenges, A 'Leaky' College Pipeline, An Economy Fueled by Energy and Invention, and New Developments on the Horizon.

Washington topped the "Best States" list over No. 2 New Hampshire, No. 3 Minnesota, No. 4 Utah and No. 5 Vermont. Idaho ranked 16th on the list, while Oregon was 27th and Montana was 29th.

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