Pasco Police responded to a semi-truck nearly plunging into the Snake River Monday afternoon. 

Pasco Police said in a Facebook post the semi-truck was hauling cows from Canada when it swerved on Highway 12 to avoid a passenger that was having trouble moving on the snowy roads. 

After swerving to avoid the car, the driver went down a steep embankment, bounced over railroad tracks and nearly went into the river. 

Pasco Police handled the incident because Washington State Patrol Troopers were tied up with dozens of other weather-related collisions. 

Because the cows came from Canada, they were inside a sealed trailer and had to wait until Tuesday morning for another USDA inspector to come and open up the trailer. 

The cows were then rounded up and placed on another truck so they could complete their trip to Tyson Foods in Wallula. 

Semi hauling cows nearly goes into Snake River in Pasco

The driver of the car that caused the crash faces a potential infraction. 

The semi-truck is still stuck on the banks of the river and police said it "may be a while" before they can get it moved. 

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