Pure chaos took place last night on Capitol Hill as lawmakers attempted to count electoral votes certifying Joe Biden's presidential win.

Violent Trump supporters forced their way through police, shortly after the president gave a speech falsely claiming victory, and telling the crowd he would quote “never concede.”

Washington State District 4 Congressman Dan Newhouse, who represents the Tri-Cities was on site as the rioting began and tells NBC Right Now he was able to evacuate to safety, by hiding in a nearby office building.

"[We are] shocked beyond words. Many of us are disappointed, I guess is a word that comes up... disgusted, horrified. This is not the United States of America. This is not how we conduct business," said U.S Rep. Dan Newhouse.

Washington State District 5 Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who planned to object Biden's presidential win had a change a heart following the day's events, calling them "disgraceful and un-American."

In a statement Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers  said, "Thugs assaulted Capitol Police Officers, breached and defaced our Capitol Building, put people’s lives in danger, and disregarded the values we hold dear as Americans. To anyone involved, shame on you.  We must have a peaceful transfer of power.”

Following the protests four people have died and at least 70 others have been arrested. Police also report they recovered six firearms on site, two pipe bombs and glass bottles with flammable liquids. 

According to White House officials the National Guard has been deployed to Washington D.C, where Mayor Bowser has extended her emergency declaration for the next 15 days. 

On Thursday several Trump administration officials resigned in protest to the President's handling of the crisis. 

Social media giants have also acted with Twitter and Facebook freezing the president's accounts.