WASHINGTON - WSU student Bridger Buckley competed in Thursday night's Titan Games and won!

Buckley was hit by a car while riding his bike in Pullman, WA several years ago, so he's no stranger to adversity.

His first event was the Hammering Ram. He and another competitor slammed a 10 lb hammer against a metal plate until it triggered the release of a 350 lb ram. They then had to use the ram to break through the giant doors and be the first to pull the handle. Buckley won and advanced to the next event.

wsu titan games

His next event was Mount Olympus. Here's how the Titan Games describes this event:

Gates of Olympus: Push 450 lbs worth of gate at a 25 degree angle

Rolling Ascent: Climb six spinning cylinders, each wider than a Redwood tree

The Cliffs: Punch and kick through a wall to build your own ladder to the top

Torch Crank: Churn a crank connected to a 600 lb tower until it lights

The Descent: Jump over three walls to access the slides behind them

Ball and chain: Drag a 250 lb boulder connected to a sledgehammer to the Titan Tomb. Use the hammer to smash open the tomb, find your relic and rush to fit it in its lock, where Johnson awaits.

While both Buckley and the man he was facing ended up hunting through the rubble at the same time, Buckley was able to claim a close win. He says he's now focused on next week's episode.

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