Yakima man returns Othello grad's ring nine years later

YAKIMA, WA - A stranger from Yakima went above and beyond to return a prized possession lost seemingly for almost a decade to an Othello High School grad.

Laura Smith said her son lost his class ring two weeks after graduating from Othello in 2010. Dusty Jahns' ring featuring just his first name was lost when the family was swimming out in the potholes.

Fast forward to last week, when Laura got a call from Othello HS last week. Jimmy Stiles from Yakima had called the school asking if a "Dusty" went there because he had found the ring.

"When I called him, he was just as excited as we were and offered to drive to Moses Lake to deliver the ring," Smith said of Stiles.

Smith said she didn't tell Dusty, and they completely surprised him when a stranger showed up with his ring.

Jimmy posed for a photo with Dusty and his brother Cody after the surprise.

Ironically enough, this wasn't the first incident involving a lost ring being returned in the family. Laura herself lost her class ring at a concert at the Gorge in 1989, and had a Seattle resident mail it back to her 10 years later.

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