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A man in Oregon has admitted to police that he stole his daughter's Girl Scout Cookie money to pay for an erotic massage and then staged a robbery to cover up the theft. On Monday, 40-year-old Brian Couture of Forest Grove, entered a guilty plea for initiating a false report and agreed to probation, a $100 fine, repayment of the money and 80 hours of community service. Couture called 911 back in March claiming someone had broken into his home and stole $740 from his daughter's Girl Scout cookie money jar. Couture also claimed he fought with the intruder. Police found spotted blood in the ransacked home. However, during their investigation, detectives noticed inconsistencies in Couture's story, according to the District Attorney's Office. 

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you live on the South Hill in Spokane, you've probably noticed not one, but more than a hundred bright green signs about a lost dog. This week, after 43 days of searching, Cookie's owner is happy to announce her dog is home, but what a journey it took to get there.