Giving Back to the Community

A smile can go a long way. Just ask Patricia Wildenborg, Doug Welch, or Jennifer Pederson. They were the recipients of The Smile Affect project. That’s right. Affect with an A because this project truly touches the feelings of those it effects.

The Smile Affect

With this project, we paint it forward by giving away a full exterior painting transformation to a deserving family. We started by asking the community for nominations, and boy, did you respond! With so many great nominations, our team decided to choose not one, but two deserving families for our first Smile Affect project.
Our second annual Smile Affect turned out even more response from our wonderful community. We had an overwhelming amount of people come together in helping to nominate Patricia Wildenborg. We updated her home to a bright blue color that she selected and built her a new ramp at the front entry of her home. Thank you for introducing us to Pat and her family.

More Than a Smile

The Smile Affect project is more than a single event. It’s a movement to make people smile. That could be something as simple as a handshake or a hug or smiling at someone as they pass by. It could be buying coffee for the next person in line or letting someone with just one or two items cut in front of you at the checkout line. The Smile Affect is about putting a smile on someone’s face.

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