This Sunday on SWX, catch the finals of the All-State Baseball tournament. Cole Johnson tells us about the event.

What would you do if you knew you were about to do something you loved for the last time? You'd probably want to make that moment memorable. And for the players in the Washington All-State Baseball Series, that's exactly what they're trying to do. 

The pandemic cut seasons short for a lot of high school baseball players. Seniors lost the chance to play games that could potentially lead to recruitment, and COVID concerns took away the opportunity for most of them to take on the best competition from around the state. But with the reopening of Washington state comes a chance for them to take on the best, with the 2021 All-State baseball series. 

On July 10th and 11th, the best high school baseball players in the state of Washington will travel to Yakima Valley College, to compete and give themselves just a bit more time on the field. Over the last two months, feeder games have been held across the state, and out of the hundreds of players who've played in those games, the all-state selection committee have cut it down to seventy-four players across four teams. Over the four teams(Each one cleverly named after mountains in Washington), nine players were selected from Yakima and Tri-Cities, from schools like East valley, Eisenhower, Richland and Tri-City Prep.

The last four games of the Washington All-State Baseball Series will be the last chance for these players to compete at the high school level, and for some, it could mean their last chance at landing a scholarship, but either way, this series will mark the end of their high school careers and give them one last shot at going out with a bang.