Local firefighters and police officers will take the ice Saturday afternoon for the third Guns and Hoses hockey game.

Each agency is collecting money for their charities, fire for their memorial foundation and cancer fund, police for the FOP fund.

"It's a game to come together to raise money for charity," says Kennewick firefighter and EMT Evan Herling. "We used to hold a basketball tournament which was shut down due to COVID the past couple of years. We thought we'd bring it back with hockey since it's been about five years since we did a hockey game."

Richland Police Captain Joe Schwarder noted, "The FOP Memorial fund helps with career and professional development. It helps FOP and families in crisis. There's also a scholarship associated with the FOP Memorial Fund."

The game is designed to be a fun way to raise money with the public.

"These events are extremely important because it's a unique opportunity for the police and fire departments to get together," said Schwarder. "[We can also] and interact with our community in a way that benefits the Foundation and the charities the fire department is supporting."

While the game will be for a good cause, that doesn't mean it will be a lazy Saturday on the ice.

Herling says they are hoping for, "Good competitive hockey, and hopefully it doesn't get too out of hand but it's still hockey, not tennis and it gets tough out there."

And while you will find police and fire on the same side a vast majority of the time ... they each feel a little differently about this game.

"As you can imagine we're all very competitive and we all want to win," says Schwarder. "The real important thing is to go out there and have fun and raise money for charity. That's what our focus is, but we still want to win though."

Herling predicted, "Fire will take it 4-3."

Tickets for the game must be purchased at a specific website if you want make sure that you help out these charities.

The puck drops this Saturday at 3:20 p.m. ahead of the Americans game against the Chiefs.