MarJon Beauchamp is preparing to have a big 2022.

"I'm just writing my story," said Yakima-native MarJon Beauchamp. "It's different for a lot of people, and that's what makes me different. It's something big to have my city part of my journey."

Coming out of high school, MarJon was a top-50 recruit in the nation. Due to eligibility issues, he elected to be a pioneer with an NBA training program, which collapsed when the pandemic hit. 

"It was really humbling," said MarJon of that time.

London Wilson is the head coach of YVCC, and being a basketball coach, of course was drawn to Beauchamp's elite level of play, but once he saw the struggle, the relationship went from a recruiter to a mentor and trainer.

"Once he was deemed ineligible to play NCAA D1," said Wilson, "we really went in on more of a mentorship, not just coaching and recruiting but more of a, 'how can we help him out?' He kind of is one of ours. We knew him since he was little. I went to school with his mother."

So from being one of the top recruits in the country, MarJon made the decision to play at his local junior college: Yakima Valley Community College -- Using the opportunity to get back on track.

"We started mapping out some game plans," said Wilson.

Wilson helped lay out multiple paths for MarJon. One was to play D1 ball. The second was to play two years at YVCC before stepping into the NBA scene, and the third was to go to the NBA G League. Besides the paths, Wilson helped Beauchamp train, which was a big reason behind MarJon's decision to play for the Yaks.

"They had a big role in everything," said MarJon.

Of course, Wilson wanted MarJon to play another season for the Yaks, but we don't always get what we want. MarJon got what he wanted.

"When I signed," said Beauchamp, "it was a stress reliever."

"It wasn't that shocking," said Yakima Valley College head coach London Wilson. "We knew beforehand he was going to make it."

The NBA hopeful signed with the G League Ignite back in September where his legacy is now tied with Yakima Valley College.

"I'm not really satisfied," said MarJon of the step to the next level. "I mean I'm thankful for this opportunity, but I feel like this is just the beginning."

The door does swing both ways. Beauchamp's legacy in turn is helping Yakima Valley Community College.

"It was like, 'man, we're really doing something special here'," said Wilson. "We have a high level player we were able to put together some high level stuff for him, so we've been using it as a recruiting tool."

The NBA draft is July 29, 2022 and MarJon is listed in the first round of many mock drafts.