Eastern Washington University came to the Tri-Cities with Athletic Director Lynn Hickey, football coach Aaron Best, and volleyball coach Jon Haraguchi in attendance for a fundraiser put on the by the Tri-Cities Friends of EWU Athletics.

Alumni, and fans of the eagles were in attendance to celebrate the school's upcoming seasons.

Best says this is a great area for Eastern.

"Tri-Cities has been really good for us over the years the recruitment of kids. Guys graduate and stay around. Tri-Cities has also been good from a recruiting standpoint, from a donorship stand point and really for some good guys after Baldwin. They graduate from Cheney with their degrees the guys  look to make the move down here, great weather, a lot of true Eagles and that's why we're here at the event today."

The Eagles roster currently has 7 players from the MCC on the roster for the upcoming season.

As far as what EWU will do at quarterback to replace Eric Barriere, Best says they will be holding a competition every week of the season to put themselves in the best position.