There are very few things in this world more satisfying than reaching your goal. The feeling of accomplishing something that you set out to do, there's nothing quite like it. For Hanford High School's Jonathan Bennett, there's one goal he can cross off his list. 

So many high school athletes want to compete in college. So, when Jonathan set his goal to run at the next level, he knew he would have to set himself apart with his work ethic. That attitude has pushed the Hanford senior to become one of the top runners in the state, all while holding a 3.7 GPA and becoming a member of the national honor society, and in turn made Lehigh university out in Pennsylvania take notice. They offered him a full scholarship to run at the division one level where Jonathan is planning on majoring in civil engineering.

“It means a lot; this is something that I've looked forward to for a very long time. I was always the fast kid in elementary school, once I got into middle school, they always said that I was going to be something, so I took that to heart I said okay if I want to be something that I got to work for it. It's something that I've waited for, something that I've wanted for so long and to finally be able to reach that goal, it meant so much. So, in that moment I was extremely happy, I was extremely happy, words can't explain how it felt.” 

Also a competitor in the Junior Olympics, Jonathan and the rest of the Hanford track team are prepping for the MCC track finals next week.