The saying is patience is a virtue, but that's easier said than done. Chiawana senior Kobe Young put his patience and trust in the process to the test, and is now headed to Boise State.

Kobe is a three-sport athlete for the Riverhawks and could have competed at the next level in multiple sports, but basketball is where he heart is.

"Just like deep down when they offered me for basketball," recalled Kobe, "I knew that's what I wanted to do."

The decision was an easy one, but being patient wasn't as simple.

"Waiting was hard for me," said Kobe, "but it still paid out."

Kobe only appeared in a handful of games as a junior due to injury, and almost caved with the uncertainty of high school sports in the time of the pandemic.

"There was many thoughts that if I got an offer for football," confessed Kobe, "I would just take that and sit out this year for basketball."

But after talking it over with his parents, he decided to put his trust in sticking with his gut.

"In the end, it really worked out for me," said Kobe. "Honestly, I'm just happy. It was really God's plan."

Kobe joins the Broncos next year while finishing out his high school basketball season with the Chiawana Riverhawks.