Pasco Senior Jake Harker was named the SWX/IBEW Athlete of the Month for May.

Harker started his high school track and field career as a sophomore after being recruited by coach Doug Campbell starting in the 7th grade.

"I wish I would have listened to him ... In 10th grade, I was bored and I had a lot of friends in track."

In late May Harker was the top performer in three events at the state track meet for those competing in the Para-Athlete categories.

It was a nice finish to his Pasco career especially as track and field has helped him.

"I learned a good bit about discipline. I consider myself a somewhat disciplined person, but having to come out everyday and being at practice really helped with other aspects like school and my grades."

Coach Campbell says that Harker is a hard worker who's always looking to get better.

"We have so many able-bodied kids that find running easy or doing all the events easy. Jake never said no. We asked him to do things and he came out and pushed hard, worked hard and never gave up. If I could bottle that in a lot of kids and sell it, I'd be a billionaire."

Harker will spend the summer working and hoping to get his driver's license. after that, he's looking to go to college.

As for others who are in a similar position as him, he has these words of advice.

"Do what you can. Either you are going to do good, or you're going to learn something and there's no harm in trying. Either way I think, at least for me, it's always been a good experience. Even if it's not, you've still learned and there's no harm in learning.