You know, when they told me that Tri-Cities was boat central I didn't think it would be like this. 

While hosting the hydros at the station, all afternoon fans were going up to the 30-foot boats, taking pictures and talking to a few of the owners and drivers. But probably the most interesting thing I saw was how many parents had brought their children to marvel at the high-speed hydroplanes, showing how much boat racing has become a generational tradition in Tri-Cities. 

I spoke with Bobby Vela, a longtime hydro fan who brought his daughter Danica to come with him to look at the boats. 

“Showing your family, even the young ones, bringing them to what you grew up with. Let them catch on and see it. You know they're going to get attached to it because you're attached to it. Every year that we come by here I see all different boats and that's what I love I want to see the competition.”