The perfect season. 

It's what every single sports team works for, but so few ever achieve it. Which is why this season for the Tri-Cities Prep varsity baseball team has been so fascinating. Not only have the Jaguars not lost a game all year, they've been doing it in dominant fashion, thanks in part to starting pitcher David Grewe, who finished the season with an ERA of 0.00, earning him EWAC Player of the Year. 

But you can't finish off a perfect season with just one player, in addition to Grewe, six Jaguars were named to the All-Conference team, head coach Jason Jarrett was named coach of the year, and in the championship game against Kittitas, the whole team had the bats working securing the title in a stunning 35 to 0 rout. 

I mean, it was pretty great.’ said senior Nathan Hayles,Scoring thirty-five runs in a baseball game, you don't really hear of that. You don't even really hear of that during a football game, that's a blowout in a football game. Just being able to do that and being able to have an offense like that, it's amazing. 

Coach Jarrett was thrilled with the effort his players put into their final game, “When you have a team of guys that get twenty-three hits, you're giving up twelve walks, I mean it's just amazing. The environment was like a state championship. To see these guys put all that hard work into that one final game was pretty rewarding. 

And senior Kellen Hobson was glad to go out on top, It was a great way to end my last high school baseball game and I would have never wished to play with a better group of players on my team.