The pandemic has left a lot of "what-if's" in the sports world. If the pandemic hadn't happened, would Whitman's men's tennis team had won the Northwest Conference title? The answer is probably yes, but last years seniors will never know.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing cancellation of the NCAA spring sports season halted what had been a historic run for the Whitman College men's tennis team. The Blues were well on their way to winning their 13th straight conference title.

"Our season was canceled last year at this time," said head Jeff Northam. "I'm so excited for our season right now. I can't express the gratitude I have, the joy I have, and the love I have of getting back on the court."

Now, they are back at it. Undefeated through their first three matches.

"We have a level of enthusiasm and energy I have not seen in 25 years of coaching," said Northam.

While last year proved to be the final games for a handful of seniors, those that remain don't take this opportunity for granted and are more determined than ever to keep the legacy of Whitman Tennis alive.

"I love it. I love the pressure of having that success on our backs," said senior Andreas Mueller-Immergluck. "Our coach has creature a great culture here of winning, and we know that the work we are putting in, we'll have a successful season down the line."

The Blues are back in action next on March 14th for a match with Puget Sound.