Being a sports fan has its highs and lows, and being a Seahawks fan is a bit tougher this week as the season came to an end over the weekend. No other Seahawks team has ever finished with 11 or more wins and failed to win a game in the postseason.

Seattle was 5-0 for the first time in franchise history after they beat the Minnesota Vikings 27-26 in an exciting fashion. However, what started off as a promising season finished with a disappointing exit.

"It's really frustrating to be done," said Seahawks Head Coach, Pete Carroll. "The suddenness of this... There's nothing like it."

It was just the seventh time in franchise history the team lost their first game of the postseason and just the second since 2004. The Seahawks finish their season with a 12-4 regular season record.

The offense didn't answer the call on Saturday against one of the best defensive units in the league. The Seahawks also set a new season low in total yards for the team. The offense has struggled in recent games, and that stretch continued in the 30-20 season-ending loss. At the end of the day, the Seahawks say more credit should go to the defense of the Rams.

"They've been like that all year long," said Carroll. "I thought they did a really good job."

The Rams Darious Williams got his third interception on Russell Wilson on Saturday when he got a Pick 6 in the second quarter.

However, not all is lost for football fans in Eastern Washington. Yakima-native, Davis High School alum, and Eastern Washington product, Cooper Kupp, is part of the Rams squad that moves on the NFC Divisional Playoffs. He is one of two Eagles on the Rams squad.

"It was really loud around our house during that game," said Craig Kupp, Cooper's father and former NFL player. "We were pretty excited and really excited about the defense. We're 100 percent in the Rams court and want the best for Cooper obviously."

Life in the Kupp family has been hard to navigate between Seahawks and Rams fandom. The family considered themselves Seahawks fans due to their location until Cooper wore a Ram uniform.

"Over and over and over again," says Craig, "we get, 'we hope Coop has a good game but not too good of a game and that the Seahawks win.' That's we message we [constantly get]."

Craig says the support for Cooper has been outpouring.

"We really appreciate all the support for Coop," said Craig, "and he has a lot of support here in the Northwest."

Kupp lead the Rams receiving core in yards with four catches for 78 yards against the Seahawks. Despite a knee injury, reports are saying is expected to play in what will be the biggest game so far of his football career.

"He's pretty good at focusing on the now," said father Craig of his sons mindset in pressure situations. "Obviously it is a big game at the highest level, but he's been in a lot of playoffs game in college. You approach them the same. It's just preparing for another opponent."

The Kupp family says they are traveling to Wisconsin to support Cooper and the Rams. The (10-6) Rams travel to Green Bay to face the top-seeded (13-3) Packers at Lambeau Field on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 1:35 PM PST with TV coverage on FOX.