TRI-CITIES,WA-A local man who has lost multiple family members to domestic violence is pushing to pass a law that would mandate all convicted abusers names be put on a registry. 

Don Estes started this movement after his niece was brutally murdered in 2017 by her partner. 

"I want the bill to pass not only in Washington state, but nationally, said Don. The list would be a win win for not only domestic abuse but child abuse and gun control," he explained. 

He is hoping that the bill gets through the legislature but if it can't he wont stop there.

"I'm going to have to get 100,000 signature on a petition to get the bill on a ballot and voted on by the people," explained Don.

Don tells us that he wont stop until change is made. He wants to be a voice for the voiceless. 

He also started a foundation in his niece's name, the Tina Stewart Foundation. 

The newest family member he lost to domestic violence is Kassie Dewey, a Spokane native. 

She was his wife's first cousin.

Her death reignited his fire to see change.