Straw Hat

All live and in-person concerts and festivals were canceled due to COVID-19, which made musicians and bands resort to virtual concerts, but they haven't made as much money.

Straw Hat Revival focused on other avenues of income, such as commercial work, podcasts, or selling merchandise said band member, Nick Naselli. 

He said he's thankful that he and his four band members all have jobs outside of music. 

"Having, you know, multiple avenues for financial reliability, it's definitely helpful to be adaptive in this time you know, and definitely everyone in the band is happy that we can rely on more than one actual financial stream," said Nick.

And with every live concert postponed, bands lost more money. 

Studio and equipment fees put his band in even more debt said Groove Lab Funk band member, Alex Rekow. 

The Pine Hearts members all play music as their primary career, which made it difficult to pay bills said band member, Joey Capoccia. 

Joey said he relied on his savings to get by but wants things to go back soon so he could have some money left.

Virtual concerts reach a broader audience and lets family and friends from around the world still watch said Nick. He said he's excited to have his first virtual concert on Saturday. This will be his first concert since February. Check out tickets here.