KENNEWICK, WA - If you have never been before and want to give it a try, there are a few things to know before heading out.

Whether it is your first time camping or backpacking, Jeremy Salinas with REI of Kennewick said his biggest tip is do not rush.

"So, starting out slow. Getting yourself a backpack that hugs your hips well and carries the weight that you are going to be packing around is probably essential for just your long term enjoyment being able to carry comfortable weight is going to allow you to enjoy the steps you are taking while you are outside exploring," Salinas said.

He said shelter is also going to be very important. That could be a camper or a tent.

"You are also going to want your sleep system along with that which if you are a camper, you probably have your bed that gets set up with your home amenities. Those are kind of the big three pillars that you will need for success other than that you move on to your essentials," he said.

Which includes things like layered clothing, a good pair of socks and sun protection.

"You need your fire resources, first aid kit, including a stool, utility tool and a knife," he said.

Do not forget about the bug spray. 

"Especially if you are getting on a late hike or out fun on a day hike that runs late. You want a light to lead you home," he said.

Food preparation is also important. If you are backpacking, bring food for the days that you are out and enough for an extra day.

"That unfortunate event that an accident may happen that takes you out there a day longer, you want to have that fuel to carry you over, just as a precaution," he said.

Another important essential is water filtration and perhaps the most important thing, do not forget to have fun.