YAKIMA, WA - The Wellness House in Yakima provides free resources to those going through life-threatening diseases or emotional distress. 

When Addy Logsdon was diagnosed with breast cancer almost two years ago, seeking emotional help was the last thing on her mind.

"It seemed so far-fetched that I would go get help for the emotional side when I had to go figure out the surgical side," said Logsdon.

But after she realized how much emotional toll the cancer was taking on her, Addy joined a young women's support group at the Wellness House.

Whether these women are just diagnosed, receiving treatment, or in remission, they support each other through life.

And together- her group of eight helped Addy get through her cancer journey.

"Just sit with each other and be present because unless you had this experience, it's quite difficult to understand it," said Logsdon.

Now, Addy celebrates being cancer-free.

Logsdon said she still joins the support group to show others that it is possible to survive and get your life back.

To celebrate, she plans to summit Mt. Adams on her two-year anniversary. 

"I'm so grateful that there is something like Wellness House that exists in our community," said Logsdon. 

Wellness House saw a 70 percent increase in people seeking help since the pandemic said executive director, Margaret Filkins. 

Filkins said it's important to provide free care so anyone can get the help they need. 

"When somebody walks in in tears and leaves laughing you know you did good for the day," said Filkins. 

Wellness House has over-the-phone and online support. Walk-ins are accepted.