PASCO, WA - Cold temperatures are around the corner and one Pasco organization is stepping up to help children and families in need for winter.

With many community events put on throughout the year, the Pasco Moose Lodge #482, coats, food, and school donations are making ends meet and are given to local families in need.

Winter is almost here and local kids and families in need are waking up with smiles.

"Some parents, the mom would cry because she knows her child is cold and she is out working in the field and she doesn't have to money to buy the coat and gloves. She says thank you and God bless you for thinking of us," Carmelita Salinas with Rowena Chess Elementary School, said.

This is one of the community service things that the Pasco Moose Lodge #482 does for our community. And they are helping students at Rowena Chess Elementary School.

Every year, they donate dozens of coats, stockings, socks, and gloves to them. They also donate school supplies.

"Because that is who we are. We do this to help our community," Marjorie Lee, with the Pasco Moose Lodge #482 said.

"As a community, they are providing positive contact with our kids through their donations. They're people with a heart of gold they truly are a heart of gold because they always call me up and say what does the school need what do the students need," Salinas said.

Salinas who works directly with those families said the project is helpful.

"They have supplies at school, but they don't have supplies at home. So, those extra school supplies actually go into the homes wHere the kids are still learning," Salinas said.

They also stock the school's pantry where it gets restocked every month.

"They call me up and check what else are we low on? So, they will add like masa, vegetable oil. Things that the parents need also, flour. It is not kid-friendly, but also for the mom and dad to cook a full meal for them," Salinas said.

One of the ways they can donate is with their weekly Bingo nights and the money they make from selling their baked goods.

And if you would like to make a difference in a local kid and a family in need, they are always accepting donations.

Salinas said the biggest need in their food pantry is cereal for the kids that is what they want. And milk! So, they can have the cereal with milk. 

If you would like to make a donation or learn more about this project, you can make a donation at Pasco Moose Lodge #482. They are located at 2617 W Sylvester St, Pasco, WA 99301.