Tim Lovelass Construction

Yakima, WA - Residential construction is one of the only industries that saw an increase in employment rates since March, which gave more than 200 people jobs in the past month. 

Many 2020 projects have been pushed back so local construction companies had to hire more people due to the workload. 

"We are an economic driver in our communities and Washington state cannot afford to shut down residential construction," said Central Washington Home Builder Association (CWHBA) Government Affairs Director, Jake Mayson. 

People that moved to Central Washington may not be able to build their dream home this year because of so many delayed project timelines Mayson.

"Many of our builders are booked up through the year, so there are a lot of people approaching builders wanting to build a home here in Yakima that aren’t able to find anybody because they’re so busy," said Mayson. 

A construction company's owner said he's just thankful to be working right now, but with only six workers on-site at once, they are months behind schedule. 

“We're having to tell people we’re further out, we’re further out...that’s hard, they’re excited to get going and they can’t, and they’re having to wait until we can get there,” said Tim Lovelass Construction owner, Tim Lovelass. 

Lovelass said they are constantly at work trying to keep up with the housing shortage in the area, and material delays and higher lumber prices doesn't help.