Birthday lunch celebration at Jean's Cottage Inn. 

YAKIMA, WA - A Facebook group, Yakima Food Mob, has more than three thousand members in just over two weeks. Members chose a new restaurant to support every week.

More than 100 restaurants are added to a weekly poll, the restaurant with the most votes wins. This week's pick is Jean's Cottage Inn.

"We feel blessed, it's just nice to be noticed for your footprint on the valley and the community and the longevity we've been here, the customers have kept us here," said Jean's Cottage Inn co-owner, Allan Marks.

Marks said the Facebook group can help them get on the map, he said they are hoping to get a few new customers that can become part of their regular family.

Local restaurants are a fundamental part of the community said Yakima Food Mob Facebook group creator, Riley Wilkinson. He said growing up in Yakima, he wants to see these local restaurants stick around.

"Having all my friends who have had trouble with their businesses during COVID, we saw this as being a really great opportunity to give back a little bit and eat some great food as well," said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson said he encourages people to buy food, apparel, and write good reviews.